lifebox – it`s a reliable cloud storage

where you can store photos, videos, music and documents with the ability to access these files from a mobile phone, tablet or computer anywhere where there is an Internet connection, and it is also easy to share these files with friends!

Use lifebox application can all subscribers of all mobile operators!

The features

5 GB of cloud storage

Every lifebox user is provided with 5 GB of storage to save data at no extra cost
Lifecell subscribers don`t pay for mobile traffic when using lifebox in Ukraine


With the Auto Sync function, you can automatically synchronize photos and videos, just switch on the selector

Automatic stories

Create the photos story! Just select the photos with memories and music, and we will automatically do for you photo story

Contact Sync

Keep a backup of your contacts

Social media

Connect your account with your social media accounts


Take a rating with PhotoPick and see which photos get the highest ratings


lifecell subscribers*
Other subscribers
Activation of package and price:
Name Amount, GB Period Price, UAH Channels
lifebox 50 GB 50 30 days 24,99
  • *888# and choose the package
  • SMS with text 50 VKL on the 8080 number
lifebox 500 GB 500 52,99
  • *888# and choose the package
  • SMS with text 500 VKL on the 8080 number
Name Channels
lifebox 50 GB
  • *888# and choose the package
  • SMS with text 50 VKL on the 8080 number
lifebox 500 GB
  • *888# and choose the package
  • SMS with text 500 VKL on the 8080 number
Deactivation of packages:
Name Channels
lifebox 50 GB
  • *888# and choose the package
  • SMS with text 50 VYKL on the 8080 number
lifebox 500 GB
  • *888# and choose the package
  • SMS with text 500 VYKL on the 8080 number
* Lifecell subscribers mean all subscribers who are served on individual tariff plans on the basis of an oral or written agreement, except for subscribers of tariff plans: "Bomb", "Lifehack", "Lifehack 2020", "Hype", "Internet Heat", "Lifehack 2019 ”, “Lifehack Plus ”, “Lifehack Contract”, “Smart M”, “Platinum”, “Platinum Contract” and “Lifehack PLATINUM”, which receive 50 or 500 GB of lifebox cloud storage within the service packages of the respective tariff plans. These subscribers may not order lifebox packages other than those provided within the tariff plan service packages.
For BOMBA tariff plan subscribers can get 50 GB of cloud storage within the tariff plan service package by following the link
For subscribers of the tariff plan Lifehack, Lifehack 2020, Hype, Internet Heat, Lifehack 2019, Lifehack Plus, Lifehack Contract, Smart M, Platinum, Platinum Contract and Lifehack PLATINUM you can get FREE GB in the cloud storage at the link:


No traffic charges

Use cloud storage on lifecell network without traffic charges!

lifebox WEB

lifebox WEB

Use the mobile version from a computer anywhere where there is Internet access at a link:


1. What is lifebox?
lifebox - is cloud storage where you can store your photos, videos, music and documents. You can access your files from your phone, tablet or PC anywhere you have Internet access.
2. Who has 5GB of lifebox available?
All subscribers who downloaded the app and signed in will receive 5 GB of storage. You can purchase the package separately to increase storage space. For details, see on the site page under Packages.
3. How to start using lifebox?
You need to download the lifebox app on your iOS or Android device, or if you do not have a smartphone, you can log on to and start using the service, for example, from a PC.
4. Can I listen to music and watch videos in my lifebox without downloading them?
Yes, with lifebox installed on your phone or via you can listen to music and watch videos.
5. Do third parties have access to my lifebox data?
No, you can only log in to your lifebox with your own password.
6. Can my saved data disappear from lifebox?
No, if lifebox subscription is active (the package is activated and paid) and you have not disabled the service, the data will be stored in lifebox.
7. How do I upload files to lifebox?
To do this, click “Download file” on the main page or on the “+” button in the lifebox application. You can also enable “Automatic upload” and your photos will be uploaded automatically to the storage.
8. Возможно ли изменить e-mail?
You can change the email in the Settings menu.
9. If data is deleted from the phone, will it be deleted from lifebox?
No. In order for data to be deleted from lifebox, they must be deleted through the app.
10. How can I find out how much storage I have available?
You can see this information in the application.
11. What will happen to the lifebox package when deactivated/if the package is not paid for?
You will be able to use repository until the end of the term. Once the lifebox is disconnected, you will not be able to upload data to the repository. This will allow access to the files within 90 days. After 90 days from disabling the lifebox package, all your files will be deleted from the repository.

How to install lifebox app and take advantage of the main features